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It is with pleasure that we welcome you in the large family of Aqua Delfinée. We will do our best to satisfy you and while waiting to meet you, you leave the care to read the following information, so that your registration goes well.
- Register with a private e-mail address to avoid receiving the news or confirmations and look in spam if you don't receive the informations
- All entries will be validated once we have received your deposit (see below the "Klik & Pay" section), this is also valid for those who have already participated in the courses.
- The final confirmation with the exact timetables will be communicated to you between 7 days before the beginning of the course (to better organize the different groups).
- Except on request ("note" in the form), we will not contact you before this confirmation.
- If a week before the beginning of the course, you do not have any news, please contact us via the mail indicated above.
- And we only answer your questions by e-mail at :
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General information / Absences / Change of groups / Rates

General Informations :

Children are under the responsibility of their parent throughout the session as well as before and after the course. The Aqua Delfinée, as well as the schools where the courses are given, are not responsible in the event of an accident.

Absence :
For any absence during the session, including in case of illness less than one month, the price of the missed sessions will not be deducted on the following session, nor refunded. On the other hand, a person of your choice can replace you.

In case of accident or illness prolonged more than one month during the session, the price of the missed sessions will be deducted on the following session but will not be refunded (mandatory medical certificate to be returned to

Changes of groups :
It is not possible to change place or time during the session, this for organizational reasons and due to the fact that the groups are generally complete. However, in case of a change of work and therefore of schedules, it is possible to discuss it.

As for the Delfinautonomie groups (children from 4 years old), we sometimes change the group if necessary for its development and well-being.

Dates and schedules may be modified or postponed if there is insufficient registration in the event of a teacher's illness or when the swimmingpool is closed, for example if the chlorine analyzes are not satisfactory or if work is under way. In this case, the sessions will be replaced at another time. No refunds will be made.

Rates :
You agree to the entire session, as well as the number of sessions indicated in the documentation, details of which can be found under"Locations, dates and rates"

And even if you are missing the first classes, the total amount is to be settled, by equity with the whole group.

Imagine a person who is sick at the 3rd or 4th session ... they still paid the entire course, the same applies to absences during the first session.

For children who are in different classes and levels (parents and children + delfinautonomie, for example with a number of different classes), the price will be communicated to you on the confirmation or by separate mail.


Terms of cancelation :

By validating your registration, you agree to pay a deposit of 100.- per child, which guarantees your place.

In case of cancellation before the beginning of the course, this deposit will not be reimbursed.

After the course begins, if you do not show up or decide to cancel it(except for an accident of more than 4 weeks since the beginning of the session and on presentation of a medical certificate), we will charge you the full course price .


Down payment for registration :

After completing your registration and validating it, you will be redirected to the Klik & Pay site (secure payment) to make a deposit of:
Chf. 100.- for 1 child
Chf. 200.- for 2 or 3 children

For newcomers, this deposit covers the registration fee of 25.- and the balance, which is an advance on the amount of the course.For those who have already taken the course, it is only a deposit on the amount of the course.Prepare your credit card before validating your registration: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro (no possibility to pay with the postcard at the moment).

Your registration will be taken into account upon receipt of this deposit. The balance will be paid at the beginning of the session.

We make sure you read the cancellation policy above, in order to avoid misunderstandings in case of request for refund.




Formulaire d'inscription

Si vous vous êtes déjà inscrit une première fois, vous pouvez récupérer vos coordonnées grâce à votre adresse mail. Pour récupérer vos données indiquez votre mail et cliquez sur "récupérer mes coordonnées"

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