Workshop : fear and respiration

Become familiar with breathing in the water and essential movements to swim well with Delfine

Breathing obvious but not easy, especially if there are fears of water. Different exercises will be approached to feel comfortable and to make an automatism that will make it more comfortable in the water and to concentrate on the movements of swimming. We can not guarantee that after a session the participants are totally comfortable in the water and no longer feel fear. Sometimes you have to do more to make automation easier.

You can choose the session you want and at the end of the course, we will decide whether it is necessary to follow another one.

Location : Swimming pool collège Clos-Béguin, Rte Areneys 11 - 1806 St-Légier

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Courses are given in FRENCH

Thank you for your understanding. The conditions of registration and cancellation are noted in the inscription below


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