Private lessons children

Delfisolo (one) and Delfiduo (2)

Individual course or with 2 children with same level
Courses in french only (depending of the teacher)
This course is only for children who has fears related to water
When they can swim and when the teacher ask for, your children will follow the "Delfinautonomie course"
Swimming pool of college Clos-Béguin à St-Légier
Rte Areneys 11 - 1806 St-Légier

Saturday morning 9.00 am to 11.15 am - according to the various inscriptions
Dates : same as Delfinautonomie, see HERE
Rates : you pay for a session (Automn / Winter / Spring)
15 minutes : 20.-/meeting

30 minutes : 40.-/meeting
Even if you don't come, you have to pay. You can recover the meeting, in another group or with another person



Workshop: fear and breathing

Before starting a solo or duo course, we recommend a workshop, which would help your child more specifically learn to put the head under water and breathe in the water.

Informations : HERE


Aqua Delfinée
Ecole de natation, aqua-bike, aquaphobie
Vevey, St-Légier et Lausanne
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