Pedaling in the water is possible!

Ideal method for cellulite removal, light legs, lower body tightening and abs.

Aquabiking improves the cardiac and respiratory systems, drains, masses and allows the elimination of toxins, while having no constraint on the joints.

All the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back, abdominal and arms are solicited.

An activity accessible to all public!


Location : swimming school of college Clos-Béguin - Rte Areneys 11 - 1806 St-Légier

Saturday morning :
8:45 to 9:30 / 9:35 to 10:20 / 10:25 to 11h10

Dates and rates : HERE


To provide :
- Special footwear for water, which you will only use for this purpose for hygiene reasons
- Gourde with water to hydrate well
- Your good mood ... and what to shower after the cours


Aqua Delfinée
Ecole de natation, aqua-bike, aquaphobie
Vevey, St-Légier et Lausanne
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